Christian Moynahan


A propulsion engineer by trade and a software hobbyist, Christian created Moynacorp in hopes of bringing secure and reliable IoT technology to the mainstream and making AI accessible for anyone. He is an adopted New Orleanian.

Alain Jensen

VP, Special Projects

Alain arrived at software design via coding applications and hardware integrations. He is Chrisitan's second-in-command and was Moynacorp's first employee. He was born in Denmark and hasn't seen snow in four years.

Sandra Monk

VP, Auto Tech and Automata

A series of internships eventually led Sandra to her position at the head of one of Moynacorp's most exciting ventures. She parlayed a childhood around classic cars into a career developing automotive innovations. She is Moynacorp's highest-ranked native New Orleanian.

Ariann Peterson

VP, AR Applications

A three-time valedictorian, Ariann brings insight, skill, and wit to Moynacorp's Augmented Reality team. She is responsible for all of your favorite Epsilon AR tricks. Originally from Atlanta, Ariann moved to New Orleans for Moynacorp and hasn't looked back.

Vivian Cho

VP, VR Applications

Vivian leads a team of talented Virtual Reality designers in creating content for Moynacorp OS projects. Technically, she was the first VP of Auto Tech, but moved to VR as Automata grew into its own department. She prefers unsweet tea.

Fallon Daugherty

VP, Public Relations

Fallon runs the team that makes Christian look good. The daughter of airline guru John Daugherty, she originally handled PR for the family business, Dominion Airlines. She accepted the job managing PR for Moynacorp because she loves a good challenge.

Alicia Vasquez

PR Liaison

Also a New Orleans native, Alicia cut her teeth on PR internships with the local government. She is Moynacorp's official media contact. She answers emails sent to

Micael Averesh

Moynacorp OS Liaison

By far the youngest upper-level Moynacorp employee, Micael is a software genius. As the company's Operating System liaison, Micael and his team work with both private and public groups in need of tech assistance. He was born in LaPlace, Louisiana.

Tina Andersen

Assistant to Christian Moynahan

This list wouldn't be complete without the heart of Moynacorp. Tina fields the many communications and requests sent to our fearless leader, and she manages many of his smaller day-to-day tasks. She is a gatekeeper for Moynacorp, filtering out spam, distractions, and terrible food.