In-House Initiatives


One of the first Moynahan Corporation forays into software development, Dreamscape offers an alternative to anesthesia. It is also in use to enable therapy in many hospitals.

Dreamscape uses virtual reality to build a shared environment that multiple patients can inhabit at once and that can be controlled by technicians. The software is continually in development, but stable releases are available for various applications.


Our groundbreaking operating system connects your phone to all the items you'd like to control remotely, from house temperature to vacuuming. A wide variety of devices support Epsilon integration, allowing users to exercise acute control of their home, auto, and office environments. Our operating systems are always secure and easy to use, and there is only a gentle learning curve for new adopters.

Look for Zeta, the next version of our OS, coming soon!


Based on the Moynacorp OSes, this software powers the most advanced self-driving cars in the world--the Bienville Motors fleet. It also works seamlessly with Epsilon to offer even more remote functions for your car!

The Bienville CV, a sedan, will be available to the general public in late 2018. SUVs, pickup trucks, and a solar-powered version of the CV should arrive beginning in 2019.


Associated Programs & Acquisitions

Contactr: A contact-forward social media app.

Echelon: Advanced GPS software suitable for use in everything from personal cars to commercial aircraft.

Fibr: A cable and internet fiber grid, in cooperation with Acacia Heights Communications.

KindnessPays: A socially-conscious payment-processing app.

MyDNAlife: DNA-focused program that ties hereditary science into social media.

PictrKeepr: A photo-based dating app.

RydeQuik: A ridesharing app for the impressionistic traveler.

Coffee Date: A no-frills dating app.

Expresso: A mobile-based social media app.