Moynahan Corporation

connecting lives


software solutions

At Moynahan Corporation, or "Moynacorp" as we are commonly called, connectivity is everything. Our  diverse offerings span several platforms and compatibility with dozens of devices, creating the most efficient and easy-to-use environment of wireless integration to be found in the world today.

our technology

We work with our many partners across several disciplines to enable communication and responsiveness across many of the items you use regularly. Our aim is to simplify the technology in our end users' lives by having them "talk" to a central, common device, such as using a cell phone to manage the lights, temperature, and entertainment in a home - a network known as the Internet of Things.

efficiency is key



Our fields of interest and activity include:

  • autonomous driving software
  • wireless communications
  • artificial intelligence
  • shared data spaces
  • information systems
  • energy conservation

team work



Established in 2011 by Christian Moynahan, our company employs some of the country's most promising talent in engineering, information technology, data analysis, and software design, among others. Our family is linked by a common interest in research, growth, and entrepreneurship, and we're proud to be based in New Orleans.